Labor Day Weekend is your last chance to visit "Living Gallery: a real world I-spy Experience." Artists Bryan Payne and Kristin Cassidy moved to St. Louis on a mission.

"We made a list of everything that makes a house completely functional and rather than buying them in an order we bought them as they came to us. From basic items, cooking utensils, to a bed which we didn't have for the first two months," Bryan Payne, Living Gallery.

The thrifty duo set out to fill their home with recycled items.

"We have been going treasure hunting in various ways around the city. Some of the ways include going to the Mississippi River and looking for artifacts along the banks," explained Kristen Cassidy, Living Gallery.

They also search dumpsters and allies to find their treasures.

"Everything that we got here was by a certain method. There was a rule behind it so everything was discarded and because of that every object has an individual nature. Nothing was from me first or nothing was from the store," said Payne.

The artists call their Cleveland Avenue apartment a living art project, an instillation of rustic treasures.

"This is a bottle that we found on the Mississippi River. It still has the original liquid in it," said Cassidy.

They added a twist to visitors experience by incorporating an I-spy game.

"There's a list of various objects and some of them are multiples. In this room for example there are 53 cats," explained Cassidy.

Living here is no longer an option for Bryan and Kristen due to a leasing agreement. They say show time is now or never.

"We collected discarded objects around the city and it kind of created the City Museum as a lifestyle," said Payne.

"We realize that the resources are limitless here in St. Louis that it's a gold mine for discarded treasure," explained Cassidy.

Two years of work awaits with a story behind everything your little eye will spy.

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