"We're getting ready for Oktoberfest," said David Braswell, Maeystown.

Maeystown, population 159, turns into apple butter making headquarters once a year.

"We've been making apple butter every year for 33 years and probably even long before that," explained Braswell.

Since 1981, volunteers gather at the Rock Mill to do their part. Joanne Goeddel has been there since the beginning. She has 33 years of peeling under her belt. Her only trick is making sure not to waste anything.

"We're just very conservative so that's what you have to do, save as much of the apple as you can," said Joanne Goeddel, volunteer.

Close to 40 volunteers from all around the area help peel 22 bushels of apples. Peeling takes about six hours and stirring takes close to eight hours.

"Our apple butter is special very special. It's made in real copper kettles and it's stirred with real ladles," said Braswell.

The smell of the apple butter draws thousands to the small town.

"It's just like a step into yesteryear, but it's still so old fashioned and I think we need to hang on to some of those things you know," said Goeddel.

The 33rd annual Maeystown Oktoberfest is coming up October 13. The festival is going on from 9am-4pm on the grounds of the Rock Mill and museum. For more information call 618-580-5875 or visit

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