KSDK - Halloween is just around the corner, and if you're looking to dress to impress this year,here are the five costumes that Paste magazine predicts will be all over the place this year.

Here's the list:

5. VMAs Miley Cyrus: Even if the infamous photo of a very confused Smith family wasn't actually depicting their reaction to Cyrus' Hannah Montana-shattering VMA performance, it was still the type of visual spectacle that has people talking months later. And inevitably, for better or for worse, it's something that people will be mimicking come Halloween.

4. Walter White ("Breaking Bad"): Sure, the seminal TV show is over, but that doesn't mean people won't be dressing up as antihero Walter White.

3. Jamie Lannister ("Game of Thrones"): Sure, he's now missing a hand, but c'mon ladies, that doesn't make him any less attractive. Expect to see plenty of guys trying to capitalize on the Jamie Lannister effect (advice to couples (or siblings): no Cersei and Jamie costumes, please).

2. Robin Thicke: From his "Blurred Lines" music video to twerking with Miley Cyrus in what can only be called an outfit inspired by the Joker, Robin Thicke has been bringing his hyper-sexuality to the forefront of public consciousness - and will be inspiring more than a few people at your local Halloween party.

1. Pregnant Kim Kardashian: Self-explanatory.

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