St. Louis (KSDK) - Mike Flotken launches senior and disabled transportation company.

After struggling with the unreliable and expensive transportation choices, available to seniors and disabled persons in the St. Louis Area for over 10 years, Mike Flotken establishes Mobility for U-the dignified transportation alternative for seniors and disabled persons.

Mobility for U is the dream of owner Mike Flotken of St. Louis, Missouri, to establish a dignified, quality and reliable method of transporting senior and people with disabilities without relying on an outside vendor's schedule.

Flotken says, "It became dangerous for our family members to continue to manhandle our parents in and out of conventional cars and SUV's and trying to schedule our parents' transportation needs with those of the other available vendors became impossible. So, I sought to design an alternative to all of these impersonal and unreliable transportation methods and Mobility for U was born."

Testimonials and discount coupons can be found at You can call Mobility for U at (314) 873-6814

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