By Art Holliday

ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - The videos have three things in common: the theme is Cardinal baseball, they're all six seconds long, and the creators crave tickets to Game 5.

Major League Baseball and the St. Louis Cardinals have teamed up for the Postseason Pride Contest. An app called Vine allows video sharing of six second videos. To win four tickets to Game 5 of the National League Division Series, Cardinal fans had to submit their best six second video about the Cardinals.

"My mom raised me to be a Cardinals fan," said Nicky Herron, "so I figured I'd make her proud and go for getting the tickets."

Herron's video featured an Adam Wainright bobble-head doll mowing down plastic pirates.

"Wainwright is my favorite player and my mom has every bobble head known to man," said Herron.

One of the standout videos was created by two Lindbergh High School teachers, Carrie Hantak and Jackie Stevens.

"We raided the prop closet at school got together the outfit to make a pirate and it all kind of developed from there," said Hantak.

Their video, shot at the high school, shows Cardinal fans chasing a pirate and making him walk the plank, the diving board at the Lindbergh pool. All it took was the costume and some cake.

"We convinced a student to jump in the pool completely clothed. We bribed him with cake." said Hantak.

Among the judges for The Postseason Pride Contest is Ron Watermon, the Cardinals' director of public relations.

"Some of the stuff is great, some of the stuff is not so great," said Watermon, "but that's okay. I love to see our fans showing off their creativity using this new technology, and showing more than anything their passion and love for Cardinal baseball. One of them is going to win our version of the Academy Awards which is four tickets to game five of the DCS."

The Cardinals will announce the winner of the contest Wednesday morning.