By Tracy Clemons

ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - Post-season baseball is known to give a big boost to businesses. But we found out that not every business is raking in the cash during St. Louis Cardinals games.

James Sinclair is a Cards fan. But he jokes that he's not a fan of what the post-season means for his business.

"When the Cardinals are in the playoffs, when the Rams are in the playoffs, when the Blues are in the playoffs, especially while the game is going on, the traffic tends to be watching the game, not shopping for cars," he said.

Sinclair is the president of Dave Sinclair Lincoln and Ford.

"I want them to win. It tends to push the business to another time. So since I don't own a Dave Sinclair tavern and I sell cars, I hope after the game after they win, they come in to shop us again," he said.

Case in point: Charlee Boatwright. We asked if car buying took a back seat over the weekend.

"Yes it did, very much so. I had to work, plus we have a big Cardinals fan," he said.

Some businesses use the postseason to pick up extra customers, without TVs and WiFi.

"It's not a sports bar. That's the direction the company and the university wanted to go with this," said Patrick Thrower.

Thrower is the chef of the new restaurant, The Docket, inside SLU's new downtown building.

"We've actually gotten a good amount of business people coming in pre-Cardinals games having dinners and drinks with us. So we've been really happy about it. We put a little bar outside for people walking by as well," said Thrower.

He says they've pulled in an extra 40-plus customers on the nights the Cards have played at home. And he hopes they stick around.

James Sinclair says he can handle the slowdown while the games are going on. He says he hopes they win the World Series and then all the fans are in such a good mood that they come buy cars.