Careerbuilder recently asked holiday hiring managers about which attributes help applicants land holiday jobs - and which qualities might earn a seasonal employee, a permanent position.

Many employers who hire seasonal staff said they go with who they know - re-hiring the same people for those temporary positions each year. For example, people who know a store's black friday drill.

For those looking to break in, apply early. Many employers stop taking applications by the end of October.

If you're called for an interview, be prepared -- know about the company's products.

Don't ask about an employee discount. It can be a turnoff to employers who think applicants are more interested in saving money on their holiday shopping, rather than helping customers with theirs.

And be mindful of your interview wardrobe. Showing up sporting merchandise of a retailers' competitor can also be a turnoff.

Once on the job - be proactive. If it's retail, approach customers, rather than waiting for them to come to you. If it's shipping or another hot holiday area, ask for extra projects.

And if it's your intent to turn a holiday job into a full-time gig, make it known early.