By Heidi Glaus

ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - It was a song that tore up the charts like the four wheelers in the video tore through the mud.

"Some days it's feel like it's been 10 years, sometimes it feels like it's just flown by," said Gretchen Wilson, Grammy Award-winning country star.

Through it all Wilson hasn't forgotten where it all started, which is why this is where she decided to film her first live DVD, the 10th anniversary DVD, of her first record.

"This is as much about coming home as it is about doing an anniversary of this album. These are the people that made me," Wilson said proudly.

She is still that Pocahontas girl who looks forward to singing her signature song.

"If there's a song out there you're going to have to sing the rest of your life I'm happy, I'm thrilled to death with 'Redneck Woman.' It suits me, I live it, I am that person," said Wilson.

Only now she has a Grammy and a couple of ACM and CMA awards.

"It's been a crazy ride, a lot of ups, a lot of downs, learned a lot," Wilson added.

Like how being stubborn would actually pay off.

"I wasn't supposed to make it here, I'm just a little girl from Pocahontas, Ill. you know 700 people I could have very easily just stayed there my whole life and poured drinks and got married to some old farmer and just still been there. This wasn't supposed to happen for me, but I would not accept no for answer," said Wilson.

She wouldn't take no for an answer then and she refuses to hear it now so she got her GED and recently started her own record label.

"I had been in the music business for a long time and I wasn't really ready to be done yet so that was just the next step for me to start my own label and hopefully in a few years we'll be putting out more than just Gretchen Wilson music. I'd like to help develop some new artists as well and maybe some from around here," said Wilson.

So you might not have heard her on the radio lately, but she's certainly been busy and has no plans of slowing down or disappearing from music.