By Katie Felts NewsChannel 5 Sports

ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - Feeling superstitious, Cardinal Nation? You aren't the only ones.

Redbird fans all over are trying to shake off an NLCS Game 5 loss.

We've all got game rituals, but some of them can be pretty weird.

KTRS radio producer Dan Strauss works with the Frank Opinion Show. Strauss is pretty serious about his superstitions; he and his sister must be in attendance for clinching World Series game together, because hey, it works.

Strauss did do something strange for a Cardinals fan. He broke out his unlucky Cardinals shirt on the night of Game 5 against the Pirates all because it would interfered with a gig he wanted to play with his band.

Well, the Cardinals won the game and now Strauss is wearing it for all games because there's been a change in the mojo. But we had to ask... is he washing the shirt?

"I do wash the shirt. I have had people on Facebook tell me, don't wash the shirt, but I have to wash the shirt. You can't walk around smelling and trying to feel lucky. It doesn't work. A smelly lucky person, doesn't work," said Strauss.

NewsChannel 5's Katie Felts even has her own superstition. She's worn the same red raincoat every time the Cardinals are in a clinching situation since the team won in 2006.

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