(KXAS) -- Gas prices continue to spiral downward, not long after everyone thought they were headed to $5 per gallon.

"I think you will see a continual drop for the next couple of weeks," said Ken Morgan, of Texas Christian University's Energy Institute. "I think for the next six months through this year, we're looking at that $3.50 to $4 that it will bounce up through."

After peaking at the end of March, gas prices have steadily declined.

Analysts say lower worldwide demand and higher summer supplies are driving the price drop.

"They got enough refineries producing it (summer blend) and, guess what? We get a little leveling off here and, as a matter of fact, a little drop we've seen at the pump the last couple of weeks," Morgan said.

The price can't come down fast enough for most drivers.

"It's good for being able to fed the child and do things like that," said Sarah Parrett. "It's better for a lot of things."

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