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Grafton, Ill (KSDK) -- The Raging Rivers bucket is a popular stop for kids who visit the water park. NewsChannel 5 viewer Ryan wanted to know how many gallons it holds, so NewsChannel 5's Heidi Glaus found out the answer in this week's Hey Heidi segment.

It's a fun summer getaway that's been tucked along the bluffs of the Great River Road in Grafton for 23 years.

"We have a 20 acre theme park here," explains Donna Smith, the general manager.

It's a place where you know, you can just lay back and kick your feet up.

"They have the cascade body flumes, the wave pool, the swirl pool, the bucket," says one patron.

But it's that big bucket where the brave gather.

"It dumps every two and half minutes," Smith says.

And wait for the big pour.

"How many gallons do you think the big bucket holds? I ask. Uh, five gallons," one boy answers.

"I'd say about 2,500," answers a father.

"I have no idea," another boy adds.

"The big bucket holds 1,000 gallons of water," explains Smith.

However that's not how much is dumped.

"When it tips over, it tips 500 gallons of water," Smith goes on to say.

And if you think that's a lot of water, well...

"The wave pool holds a half a million gallons, 500,000 gallons," Smith adds.

Add all of the attractions together and we're talking around three-million gallons. I guess the moral of this story is enjoy whatRaging Rivers has to offer and be glad you're not paying the water bill.

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