By Ashley Yarchin

St. Louis (KSDK) - As with the playoffs last year and the All-Star game two years before that, we take a look into the economic impact such sporting events have on our city.

Over the weekend the St. Louis Convention and Visitors Commission came out saying the two games alone this week would bring in $2.5 million. But one expert explained that's way high.

"We're talking about two games, after all, and only two games," said Andrew Zimbalist, who is a sports economics professor at Smith College in Massachusetts. "This is best out of five, and if you think, in addition to the team and in addition to the support staff from the team from the Washington Nationals that comes to St. Louis and you maybe add another 100 media related people and inflate the number still a little bit more and you think, maybe we're talking about 200 comes from out of town to St. Louis and let's say they spend four days there and they spend $300 a day a piece, you're talking about $240,000."

But what about all those business owners who say their business has been multiplied four to five times this week because of the games?

"To specific retailers it will be a benefit that's seemingly more impressive than the quarter-of-a-million figure for the whole city, but you have to keep in mind, somebody who's coming from Clayton of U. City and spending the money near Busch Stadium, that's not a benefit to the Greater St. Louis economy. Those people are not going to be spending money in Clayton of U. City, and so, the whole economy, there's no net positive effect," Zimbalist went on to say.

He added that every city exaggerates the economic impact of post seasons, but he did feel the St. Louis CVC's version was pretty conservative.

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