BUFFALO, NY (WGRZ) - It's almost that time of year when people start shopping for the holidays. And of course, electronics are always best-sellers.

2 On Your Side's Michael Wooten traveled to Boston to meet up with the folks at They recently released their "Best of" lists for 2012.

Some of the hot items they tested were tablets, and the biggest winner is the Nexus 7, which beat out all others.

A reviewer says, "It's priced well. The screen is great. It's got great hardware. It comes with the newest version of the Google android operating system, which right now is Jelly Bean."

That ranks it higher than even the brand new iPad 4.

However, Apple does win the award for best large tablet.

If you're just looking for a reader, says get the Kindle Paper White. "It has a much better screen and it's got a backlight on it, too, so you can actually read it in bed at night."

The market for headphones has exploded in recent put dozens through extensive testing.

"We feed the same frequency spectrum through each headphone, and then we measure how they respond and deal with that sound," says Mike Roorda,

They found three great headphone sets.

Best bargain goes to the Klipsch S4i. At $99, they're the best-performing in the entry-level price range.

Another factor in buying headphones is noise-cancelling, especially for travelers.

The best there, goes to the Audio-Technica ATH-ANC9.

They're $299, so you will pay for that luxury.

The big winner for headphones of the year goes to V-Moda Crossfade LP-2. They're cheaper than the Audio-Technica at $199. also checked out TVs.

They say the best TV for your money goes to Vizio's 2VLE.

The 42-inch model is just $499. It lacks a sleek design, but makes up for it with great color accuracy and great sound. It also gives you a few extras, such as apps for Netflix and Hulu.

The television of the year, is also a smart TV. The Samsung E-8000 is impressive, You can control the TV with the wave of your hand.

It even allows you to Skype directly from your TV.

You can find the full list of dozens of award winners in electronics and appliances, all at

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