By Dana Dean

So you want to buy a tablet for someone special during the holidays, welcome to the club because it seems a tablet is on everyone's list.

There are so many tablets on the market, from companies you've heard of, to companies you probably haven't heard of. You may wonder if the iPad is the best or if there's another tablet out there that works just as well. Here's your answer.

Working with our partner USA Today and their personal tech columnist Ed Baig, we're breaking down the best tablets in the categories of reading, business, multimedia, and schoolwork.

Best tablet for reading:
Baig says to stick with dedicated eReaders. He recommends the Kindle Paperwhite. It starts at $119. It has a built-in reading light. It even works in bright sunlight and it has no glare. Just remember the screen doesn't have color.

Best tablet for business:
USA Today's personal tech columnist says you might want to consider a device that goes back and forth between being a tablet and a laptop. Yoga13 by Lenovo is a Windows 8 Tablet. It's $1000. But what about the iPad, which starts at $499 for the latest model? Baig says it's also great for a business person but has some limitations.

Baig said, "It does not, like a laptop, have a built-in keyboard. So now you're thinking, well, if I have to get a lot of work done where I have to bang away at the keyboard, and there is no keyboard. Yeah, you can get a wireless one, what do you do then? Well, one of the things you might do is turn to Windows 8, which is Microsoft's brand new operating system."

Best tablet for multimedia:
Baig says the iPad is best. It starts at $499 for the latest model. There are a lot of other great tablets out there for watching movies and videos. Baig also likes Nexus 10, which is a Google tablet. He's impressed with the screen on this tablet because it's a lot like the iPad's. And it starts at $399.

Best tablet for schoolwork:
Baig says the best tablet for students is the iPad but it doesn't come with a stylus pen. You can buy accessories or use your finger but Baig says students might want to consider one of the other interesting devices out there. For students, Baig recommends the Galaxy Note 2 from Samsung. It's $299. It's a cross between a smartphone and a tablet. Some people call it a "fablet." It has a 5.5 inch screen.

Baig said, "People are looking at these as small tablets as opposed to monster size smartphones, but it does have a stylys oractually... they call it the S-pen and it does some tricks and you can hover over the screen with it and call up menus and such. So that's kind of a fun one."

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