By Sara Dayley

St. Louis (KSDK) -- With the shopping season upon us and so many options when it comes to tablets for children, many parents wonder which one works the best.

Starting at the age of three, even younger, many children have a firm understanding of how to use a touch screen and the functionality of tablets.

First, there's the Leap pad 2. It runs around $99, has a 5-inch touch screen, 4GB of memory, and a front and back camera. It also comes with a a library of hundreds of educational games, apps, eBooks and videos.

Another top ranked tablet is the V-Tech Inno-Tab 2. This tablet has 2GBs of storage and built-in wi-fi. It also comes with a stand for hands-free use which makes playing games for the younger ones that much easier.

Another top ranked tablet is the The Kurio 7 from Techno Source. It has a 7-inch touch-screen, wi-fi and runs on the Andriod operating system. It also allows up toeight different profiles, assuming you can get your kids to share, they can each have their own settings.

Another top ranked tablet is The Oregon Scientific MEE. It comes with a rubberized grip so those little hands can hold on to it, plus it has big 7" screen and comes with a ton of accessories. The MEEP however is for kids six and up.

The previous three tablets we mentioned are for kids between the ages of three and nine years old andcosts less than $200.

On the higher end of that scale you will find the Vinci, which runs on an Android operating system & has a 5-inch touch screen. It has a much more grown-up look and feel than the others.

Have you heard of The Nabi 2? Well, it's basically a Google Nexus 7, you know, dressed up in kids clothes. As you can see it has the rubber case for good grip as well and also comes with the parental controls & comes pre-loaded with apps.

Finally there's the Tabeo. This one is designed by Toys"R"Us, comes with 50 pre-installed apps & parental controls too.

All seven of these tablets are great educational tools and not just used as entertainment.

Now you can pick which tablet best suits your little one this holiday season.

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