ST. LOUIS, Mo.(KSDK) - People from St. Louis joined Navajo residents from Black Mesa and Appalachian coalfield residents in a protest outside the headquarters of Peabody Energy in downtown St. Louis Friday afternoon.

The demonstrators are trying to draw attention to actions that Peabody has allegedly taken to displace residents in areas used by its mining operations.

Those involved planned a rally, march, and letter delivery to Peabody Energy corporate headquarters downtown.

The protest was peaceful, but St. Louis police made 12 arrests for trespassing, failure to disperse, and resisting arrest.

A spokesperson for Peabody Energy released the following statement to NewsChannel 5:

"The issues raised by activists with an anti-everything agenda are loose with the facts. Peabody helps people live longer and better through sustainable mining and greater use of clean coal. We are proud to be leaders in the St. Louis community, where we have given back to this region for over half a century."

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