ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - A spokesperson for Anheuser-Busch InBev says they are reorganizing some departments in the U.S. business services area, and thatfewer than 30 people will lose their jobs.

A statement from Vice President of People Jim Brickey saysthe reductions were minimized by using unfilled positions.

The company will not disclose how many employees have lost their jobs since the merger with InBev.

Employees in eliminated positions are allowed to apply for other positions that are open within the company.

Some of the work that has been eliminated in the United States will be performed at an AB InBev global center in Argentina.

The company did not specify if the positions cut are local.

Here is the full statement fromBrickey:
"We recently announced to some departments within our U.S. business services area we are reorganizing work that will displace a small number of workers. These reductions were minimized as much as possible by using unfilled positions. We communicated this news to impacted employees recently. They are able to apply for other open positions in the company they are qualified to perform.

"Additionally, other areas of that division will be expanding, which we expect to result in new jobs in the near future. This is an excellent workforce, and when we can expand the work and resulting positions, we will.

"These are always difficult decisions, but are important in evolving our business and improving our competitiveness. We will always be challenging ourselves to find better ways to run our business. As on ongoing practice, we assess our resources to assure they reflect our current business strategies and needs that will drive long-term growth.

"There is certain work that will now be performed in one of our global centers in Argentina, where the company has operated a business service functions for many years and there is a high level of experience, technology and expertise in performing this function. As a global company, we organize work how and where it can be most effectively performed, using the expertise of our talent in any location. We bring people with the right knowledge and experience together where the work is ideally suited. Doing so optimizes our operations and carries excellence companywide.

"Based on the small number of reductions, notices are not required under the federal WARN act."

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