Lake Saint Louis, MO (KSDK) - Two days after the grocery store chain Schnucks announced that their recent security breach has been contained, NewsChannel 5 is getting new complaints from shoppers.

One of those shoppers is Leslie Monahan of Lake Saint Louis.
She and her family have been out of town during the problem with hacked credit cards at Schnucks. She says she had no idea about any credit card problems and hadn't used her card at Schnucks for several days -- that is until Saturday night after the company said it was safe to do so.

Sunday, when she went to pay for her family's Easter brunch, she found out her credit card company put a freeze on her card after someone tried multiple times to make thousands of dollars in charges in Singapore -- her family was not in Singapore and hadn't even left the country.

Despite signs in Schnucks saying the credit card problems are fixed Monahan is convinced that is where her card was hacked.

"If I could have been warned," says Monahan. "That was probably the disappointing part, that nobody said hey, 'you might want to be aware that there could be a problem here.'"

Monahan says she will still shop at Schnucks even though it seems to her the credit card problem has not been fixed - but she says she will pay with a check or cash.

A number of other viewers told NewsChannel5 similar stories.

We reached out to Schnucks on Sunday, but both the company offices and stores were closed for Easter.

Saturday, in a statement, CEO Scott Schnuck apologized to customers for any inconvenience, and said the company is working with law enforcement and credit card companies to track down whomever is responsible for the fraud.

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