Creve Coeur (KSDK) - People across the country are launching coordinated protests against St. Louis-based Monsanto.

Organizers are trying to bring attention to dangers associated with genetically modified foods and seeds.

They say they can cause health problems and hurt the environment.

Merlin Seely, who put together the local demonstration, says the group is making a stand to save our food and future generations.

Monsanto's corportate offices are closed over the weekend, but a spokesman sent NewsChannel 5 the following statement:

"We are aware of efforts to organize an event in Creve Coeur. Our offices are not open on weekends, but we have designated an area to assemble, so if people do come they have a safe place to congregate. "

"The 5,000 Monsanto people who live and work in St. Louis are proud to be part of the community. We are also proud of Monsanto's efforts to help improve farm productivity and food quality. While we respect that people can have different points of view, we hope that St. Louisans know Monsanto people for their role in the community and know Monsanto Company for its commitment to St. Louis. "

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