ELLISVILLE, Mo. (KSDK) - The controversial plan to build a new Walmart in Ellisville is dead.

In a statement issued Saturday afternoon to NewsChannel 5, Walmart spokeswoman Erica Jones said "We have decided not to proceed with our involvement in the Ellisville development. We did all that was required of us to formally advance our project, which we did in hopes of being a part of the solution for Ellisville by creating jobs, economic development, and access to affordable groceries and other products important to today's families."

It's the issue that some say launched the political saga involving the Ellisville mayor's impeachment.

The city council voted to kick Mayor Adam Paulout of office earlier this year, but a judge returned him to the position.Paulwas fighting the Walmart plans.

A proposal to give the project $11 million in tax breaks passed at the city council meeting in late June, but Mayor Paul has said recently he expected the city council to quash the project at an upcoming special meeting.