St. Louis, MO (KSDK) - In case you haven't heard, Cardinals third baseman and NLCS Most Valuable Player David Freese grew up in St. Louis.

Lynn Freese, David's mom, just returned from Milwaukee. She was in the Cardinals clubhouse for the pennant clinching celebration.

She says David's playoff performance means it's harder for her to go out in public, but she's okay with that because her son is literally living the dream.

"David had an original Ozzie Smith glove. It's all beat up; we still have that. Scott Rolen's shirt. He had Gibson's number when he pitched in his younger days he was number 45," she said.

It's an understatement to say David Freese was a lifelong Cardinal fan. The day Freese was traded to the Cardinals in 2007 is a day his mother remembers well. She was the first to find out.

"The phone rang, it was 7:00. And he said, 'Mom what are you doing?' And I said I'm grading papers. And he said, 'Are you sitting down?' He said, 'I'm coming home.' What do you mean you're coming home? He said, 'I've just been traded for Jim Edmonds.' I just started shaking. I said, 'Oh, my goodness Dave, I think you need to talk to your dad.'"

With Freese on the verge of stardom, you can't help but appreciate his long and winding road to this moment: the foot injuries, the surgeries, and the burnout that caused him to quit baseball and turn his back on a Mizzou athletic scholarship.

"I don't think it's really sunk in yet. Now we want to get through the World Series, you know? The Cardinals winning the NLCS," Lynn said. "Thinking back two months, never thought we'd be here. Such a team effort. We're very happy for all of them."

Freese's grandmother, Norma, and his sister, Pam Sharkey, describe his recent baseball success as surreal. Norma has an interesting way of coping with the postseason stress of watching her grandson play ball.

"Very nervous. The refrigerator door is always open and I'm always eating, eating, eating; yes, I get very nervous. I just want him to do well ... and like before, if he does something in the first inning I'm like whew, I can rest," Norma said.

Pam says she runs David's Facebook page. The World Series should keep her busy.

"Surreal. I would have never imagined this. I know it's his dream come true. It's really neat just to see him on TV," Pam said. "We always knew he was talented, but we never thought he'd wind up playing for his favorite team he grew up watching. And doing so well. It's not shocking to us, we just, it's really cool."

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