By Casey Nolen

O'Fallon, IL (KSDK) - Banning tanning? Some Illinois law makers want to make tanning beds illegal for anyone under the age of 18.

It's hard to worship the sun when you haven't seen it in what seems like weeks.

So high school seniors Madison Meyer and Danielle Angevine are working on their tan the same way they have since age 14.

"I needed my mom's permission she only let me do it before school dances," said Meyer.

"Yeah, pretty much everyone I know goes tanning," said Angevine.

But if some Illinois lawmakers have their way, indoor tanning before turning 18 could soon be illegal in Illinois.

According to the World Health Organization, indoor tanning before the age of 30 increases the risk of skin cancer by 70 percent. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, the average age of most tanning customers is between 16 and 24. A ban on those under 18 could be a serious hit to many salons.

"To say you're going to ban tanning is silly. Because that's saying you're going to ban people laying by the pool," said salon owner Chris Hartman.

Hartman says most of his customers are over 18, but he's still opposes the ban on principle.

"If you choose to over expose yourself, yes you are putting your body at harm. But if you follow the guidelines, you're not going to burn," said Hartman.

But whatever the risks, they are worth the reward for many.

"I know it's bad for you but I still like doing it," said Meyer.

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