By Courtney Gousman

Fairview Heights, IL (KSDK) - Police are asking for the public's help identifying four women who assaulted a server. It happened at the Red Lobster in Fairview Heights, Illinois, and on Thursday detectives released video showing the fight that took place inside.

The video was taken by a Red Lobster customer on her cell phone. It shows a heated altercation that took place between four female customers and a server.

You can hear the women behind the camera, as she narrates the scene.

"Look at the waitress! She's going to kick that [expletive]! She threw a drink in her face and they came and attacked her," said the customer.

Fairview Heights Police say one of the women threw a drink glass in the server's face. Officers say the women were unhappy with their service, and then attacked their server.

The video shows the server actually fighting back, standing on a booth, before being pulled away by a co-worker. The four customers were promptly escorted out of the restaurant. The waitress walked away with a swollen eye and cuts to her nose and forehead.

Police say the altercation happened on December 30th, and they need help identifying the four customers who assaulted their server.

In the video, you can hear another customer identify a lady in a "grey jacket", as being the one that threw the drink glass.

NewsChannel 5 reached out to Darden Restaurants, owner of the Red Lobster chain, and they released a statement saying, "We are pleased our employee was not seriously injured and that she's back to work... We are fully cooperating with the investigation."

If caught, the four customers could be charged with battery and mob action, which is a felony. Police say two of the women look to be in their 20s and the other two look to be in their 40s.

If you think you may know their identities contact, Fairview Heights Police at 618-397-2223.

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