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St. Louis (KSDK) - A St. Louis area roofer is accused of stealing thousands of dollars from his customers.

Don Berry has a long history of taking money from customers and not doing the work. He's even spent time in prison for stealing and has admitted to fraud.

Now, it appears Berry's up to his old tricks once again.

John rose has been waiting since December to have his roof repaired by Don Berry Roofing. The shingles were delivered, but never installed. Right now they're just sitting in the bed of a truck. Rose has a paid-in-full receipt for nearly $5,000 signed by Berry and nothing to show for it.

"He was supposed to do the garage, the roof of the house and replace some tile shingles," said Rose. "I'm very upset. We've got leaks upstairs."

NewsChannel 5 did some digging into Don Berry's company and found out there are 10 complaints similar to Roses' filed with the Better Business Bureau. The BBB gives Don Berry Roofing an "F" rating and that's not all.

NewsChannel 5 dug up court documents that show Berry spent more than four years in prison for felony stealing.

During an interview Berry admitted he's a gambling addict and lost his customer's money at area casinos.

"I shouldn't be going, but I do go," said Berry. "It'll be hard for me to say that I'll never quit it, you know?"

Berry is still on probation for stealing and says he no longer gambles customers' money.

"I'm not a bad person. I'll make right with whoever I'm behind on."

But John Rose says Berry can't make right on his job. The disabled Vietnam vet says Berry keeps giving him the runaround and won't refund the money.

Now Rose is forced to pay another company for the same job and has a warning for anyone else involved with Don Berry Roofing.

"I wouldn't use him for another thing," said Rose.

The Better Business Bureau asks any consumers who have had a bad experience with Don Berry Roofing to file a complaint.

The BBB also recommends researching a contractor before you hire that company. Ask for references, check with the Better Business Bureau and never pay in full for a job up front.

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