Bridgeton, Mo (KSDK) -- Today is Good Friday, a day of observance in the Christian religion and it's also a symbolic anniversary for area residents who survived the Good Friday Tornado of 2011. It was April 22nd when an EF-4 tornado tore through Bridgeton, Maryland Heights, Lambert Airport and Ferguson.

The tornado reduced several homes around Beaverton Drive in Bridgeton were reduced to piles of rubble. Today, you can see that just a few homes are still under construction.

In the Harmann Estates Subdivision in Bridgeton, cars were flipped over.

Senator Roy Blunt will be thanking Red Cross disaster volunteers during a reception at St. Louis Area Chapter Headquarters today.More than 400 volunteers and employees helped those in need. There were 10 emergency shelters set up by Red Cross and they provided 70,000 meals to people.

It was also aGood Friday that parishioners at Holy Spirit Catholic Church would never forget. Last year, the tornado took the steeple off the church during Good Friday services.Twenty-five parishioners of the church are from the hardest hit areas.

In Ferguson, the tornado ripped the roof right off the Ferguson Christian Church. There were 35 people there Friday night watching the movie the Passion of the Christ. Tonight, they will be watching the same movie again. But they'll be watching it at St. Louis Christian College since they're church won't be rebuilt until July.

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