Ferguson, Mo. (KSDK) -- It was a day at work that's hard to forget for Little Caesar's employeesin Ferguson.

When manager John Ewing saw a tornado bearing down onthe restaurant, he and the rest of the staff headed for the one place they hoped would be safe, the store's cooler.

All except for Adam Emery. He had just enough time to duck under the register, where he rode out the initial blast of wind before crawling in the cooler.

"I just wanted to make it through," Emery said.

A year later, the business is rebuilt, and so is most of Ferguson.

In a busy first year on the job, Mayor James Knowles says one of the biggest challenges in rebuilding has been banks. Some damaged homes slipped into foreclosure.

"For the most part people are back in their houses," Knowles said. "their life is somewhat back to normal."

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