By Mike Rush

Clayton, MO (KSDK) - Clayton High School junior Jonah Lindblad says he thinks his principal, under the alias name Suzy Harriston, tried to friend request him on Facebook, but the profile picture was suspicious.

"A group of penguins trying to add me and I denied the friend request," said Lindblad.

But he says more than 300 others did accept before word got around Suzy Harriston might really Principal Louise Losos.

The facebook page disappeared, and so did Losos.

Losos took a leave of absence about a month ago. Then Friday, she resigned.

"I have no idea what to say because I really have not been given any appropriate amount of information," said Lindblad.

Neither Losos nor the Clayton School District is confirming if she did in fact create the Facebook page under an alias, so a possible motive for doing it is not clear.

The school system's stance on the matter is brief. The principal and the school parted ways because of a "fundamental dispute over the appropriate use of social media" said a statement released to NewsChannel 5 from a district spokesman.

But real or imagined, the idea of the fake Facebook account is definitely sparking opinions.

Senior Andrea Hermann said, "I feel like it's a violation of our privacy that she was trying to like falsely friend us as someone else, it makes me uncomfortable."

Andrea's mother, Annie Lazarus, added, "I think that all the parents and all the students are entitled to know exactly what happened and this whole shroud of secrecy should be gone."

The Facebook mystery only adds to some student's dislike for their former principal, who they found to be standoff-ish.

But Jonah says he liked her.

"She was a nice person and she did do good things for the school in my opinion," said the junior.

Losos' resignation is effective at the end of next month, but she will remain on leave until then.

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