By Courtney Gousman

St. Louis (KSDK) - A man who allegedly hijacked a horse drawn carriage is now behind bars.

NewsChannel 5 talked to the man and met the horse who were both in the middle of the chase.

The carriage driver and his horse were on their way back to the stable, closing out a day of carriage rides when the horse ended up giving the alleged hijacker the ride of his life.

His name is Harry, Dirty Harry to be exact.

Like his namesake, the draft horse helped to bring a criminal to justice. Harry works at the St. Louis Carriage Company.

Tuesday night Harry and his driver, a man named Larry, were on their way back to the stable when they met trouble on 8th Street near Market.

Larry says he made eye contact with a man who then ran after his horse and carriage.

"He got a hold of the carriage as we we're galloping down the street. He pulled himself into the carriage," said Larry.

After making his way inside the carriage, Larry says 40-year-old Johnny Medina became violent, attacking him with an iron cane.

"He was standing up a big 300 something pound guy, and he had it over his head, and hit me as hard as he could," said Larry.

Larry says bailed, and jumped from the carriage.

Some Good Samaritans called police, and two military men offered him a ride while Harry continued to gallop. The horse ran all the way back home, about 10 blocks, with Medina in tow. Harry didn't stop until he crashed into a trolley parked in front of the stable.

"About a foot of it broke off into the nose of the trolley which ultimately stopped the carriage from moving," said Jenny Holzum, Business Manager for St. Louis Carriage Company. She says one of the carriage's shafts broke off as it rammed into the nose of the trolley, ultimately stopping Harry.

Holzum says Medina then jumped out of the carriage and started to punch and kick Harry. Luckily, those Good Samaritans had also arrived.

"At that point one of the military gentlemen actually came up from behind and rendered him unconscious until the police arrived," said Holzum.

Medina is now charged with robbery, assault, and animal abuse.

"I just can't understand what would cause somebody to do something like that," said Holzum.

Medina is in jail on a $30,000 cash-only bond. Both the carriage driver Larry and Harry the horse had minor injuries.

Larry says he plans to return to work in a few days.

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