Affton, Mo (KSDK) -- School leaders are teaching character education to prevent bullying.

Teachers andcounselors at Mesnier Primary School in Affton are getting the message across early that words hurt and the kids are paying attention.

Counselors are also teaching kids anger management, using puppets.

"It's a turtle trick. When someone's bullying you, you go over to the peace path and there's this little turtle and he bends in his shell like this, and then you do it, and you count to10, and most of the time, it gets your anger from being bullied," sauid Camden Schlueter, a student.

In Ladue, administrators have given teachers and students a took to report bullyig.

"Students and staff can use forms to fill out to go directly to counselors and administrators," said Maggie Travers, a Ladue SchoolDistrict psychologist. "We have some policies in places that address these issues when they come up."

In South Roxana, Illinios, the approach is pro-active.

"The thing we try to do most is to promote positive behavior," said Principal Nate Porter.

Even with these tools, there are conflicts, something Mesnier school teaches young kids to resolve.

"We bring them itno the office where we have a peace place to talk to the kids," explained Guidance Counselor Janet Winchester. "If they're comfortable with it, then we have the kids work it out and we have a littel conflict mediation."

"It's called rock, paper, scissors," said Abbey Dallman, a student."And like if you're fighting over a swing, you can do rock, paper, scissors, to see who gets the swing.

What teachers and administrators have learned is that early intervention tools work. They said teaching good behaviour in class was constructive than reactionary discipline. They believe the number one way to identify conflicts is by students speaking up and reporting problems.

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