St. Louis (KSDK) -- Crime continues this weekend in downtown St. Louis even after police boost their presence. One person was shot in the arm Saturday night at the corner of Tucker and Convention near Washington Avenue, that's where police have upped the ante over the weekend.

Right now the police are kind of doing a trial and error test, trying to figure out what's the best strategy in maintaining the crowds.

While it may look calm and peaceful on a Sunday afternoon, the Washington Avenue area is anything but on a Friday or Saturday night, and with those large crowds come police.

"I'm glad they are doing something, just having police presence keeps anything negative away," says patron Eric Majeski.

Thankfully the paying customers are not staying away. Bar manager of The Dubliner Tim Holland says the extra cops are doing nothing to their bottom line.

"Business isn't getting hurt, which is what I think is the good thing," says Holland.

It's been two weekends now, that the police have stepped up patrols and statistic-wise, so far so good, except for one incident near Washington Avenue.

Saturday night the street was littered with evidence and shell casings, proof that violence is not far away. It happened just one block north of Washington Avenue.

Holland says the extra uniforms may have prevented that violence from happening outside his door.

"The very noticeably increased police presence, nothing is really going to happen on Washington I don't think so," says Holland.

At least for the next few weekends police are expected to continue the extra manpower.

"Good idea," says Majeski.

They also plan on shutting down some streets again.

"Still up in the air about those street closures," says Majeski.

Meanwhile business owners are just waiting for the long term goal.

"Everything that the police do late at night affects our business," says Washington Avenue Post owner Bob Ray who doesn't know it that's good or bad. "It's hard to tell at this point."

One other issue that the patrons brought to our attention are the patio spaces, police are wanting bars to shut down the patios earlier and some don't approve of that.

Police are going to be meeting to discuss how the past few weekends have gone and what to do next. So stay tuned to find out what's happening next weekend.

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