Louisiana, Mo (KSDK) - The story of a Louisiana, Missouri girlkidnappedandfound at acar washwas profiled on The Biography Channel.

Elizabeth Smart is the host of 'Taken' which will feature the Alisa Maier story. FBI Supervisory Special Agent Dan Netemeyer, who supervises the Violent Crime/Crimes Against Children/Organized Crime squad, was interviewed along with Alisa's family. The show airedMonday nightat 9 p.m. CST.

It was July 5th, 2010, when four-year-oldAlisa was taken while playing next to her brother Blake. Mom and Dad were inside the house when Blake ran in to tell them what happen.

A little more than 24 hours after she went missing, Alisa was found at a Fenton car wash, nearly 85 miles away from home. Her hair had been cut and her clothes changed.

The following day, police found Alisa's kidnapper by tracing the new clothes she was wearing to a Walmart in Troy, Missouri. Police say surveillance video, showed Paul Smith, a sex offender buying the clothes.

When officers confronted Smith at a home in Hawk Point, located in Lincoln County, he shot and killed himself. Police say two days before Smith abducted Alisa, he shot and killed a business owner in Hawk Point during a burglary.

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