By Elizabeth Matthews

Valley Park, MO (KSDK) -- There is political turmoil in a local town. Alderman in Valley Park accuse the mayor of spending thousands of dollars of the city's money on personal purchases, including a washer and dryer.

The meeting started with residents talking about lack of confidence in Mayor Nathan Grellner and ended in a vote of no confidence by the board.

The seat for Grellner was filled Monday nigh,t but not by the mayor. He was missing from the bi-monthly meeting but the talk about him was not.

Some members of the board of Alderman are questioning the mayor's spending habits, making personal purchases with a city credit card, spending thousands of dollars.

Alderwoman Rita Collins says they were given credit card statements after the board president found out about the questionable purchases.

City attorney Eric Martin says he talked to the mayor about the purchases and he says Mayor Grellner "made the purchases inadvertently."

Alderwoman Halker says regardless of some returns, the damage is done.

"You can't go back and fix this issue, the trust has been destroyed," says Halker.

The board voted to hire an auditor to comb through the books. This is just the latest issue for the 27 year old mayor. Grellner, as we've reported, is also facing DWI charges in Jefferson County.

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