By Derry London, WLTX

Columbia, SC (WLTX) - Blogs and news organizations around the country have been blowing up with reaction to the latest change Facebook pushed onto their 900+ million users.

By default for every user, the visible email on a person's profile page is set to display an "" address.

Initially the response was typical flak directed at Facebook for "doing it again," and "alienating its members," but as you dig deeper, it becomes evident Facebook has done this change to keep your best interests at heart, along with the company's.

Facebook is working deeply with marketers, advertisers, and the like, to build their business and advertiser base.

With the number of ads, apps, and 3rd party sites and applications accessing user information on the social network, there's increased potential of exposure for email addresses to be collected for marketing, or spamming purposes.

I tested the new email address myself, from two different email accounts, with interesting results.

When sending from another personal email account, my email was sent into my main Facebook message inbox, and was attached to my personal Facebook profile that email address is used on.

When sending from our company email, as well as another private email account not attached to a Facebook account, the email message was directed to an "OTHER" section inside the messages view, and marked as spam.

My view is the end result is a positive one for Facebook's users, and for Facebook.

Facebook eliminates a teeny little bit of the privacy concerns by making everyone's visible email address on their profiles as an "@Facebook" address, thereby allowing marketers and app builders a little more freedom in collecting user information.

Meanwhile it protects you the user from those spam and marketing campaigns by directing those messages into your Facebook inbox, rather than your GMail, Yahoo, or other email system you use.

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