Collinsville, IL (KSDK) - Police in Collinsville are sifting through a school bus lot on Lebanon Road Tuesday morning, searching for evidence after more than 35 school buses had batteries stolen from under their hoods.

The theft was discovered early Tuesday by workers at the First Student lot in the 1200 block of Lebanon Road.

Police have not disclosed what evidence they gathered at this point in their investigation, but did indicate such crimes are often the work of drug addicts looking for quick access to cash.

The batteries weigh approximately 100 pounds and can be sold for $15 apiece at salvage yards.

Investigators said surveillance cameras were at the business. They are waiting to meet with company management and an IT person to go over the video. Police also said the thieves left evidence at the scene, but would not elaborate.

Meanwhile, First Student will have to spend $2,800 to replace the stolen batteries.

Anyone who has information is asked to contact the Collinsville Police Department at 618-344-2131.

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