By Ashley Yarchin

Webster Groves (KSDK) -- They're known as the team to beat - the U.S. Women's Gymnastics Team, and this summer, a St. Louis native will be part of that elite group headed to London for the Olympics.

So,NewsChannel 5decided to take a tumble towards Webster Groves, to a place perfectly situated on West Pacific at the center of tuck jumps and toe turns, the St. Louis Gymnastics Centre, where dreams can, in fact, become reality.

Sarah Finnegan, known back here as Finney, on her home turf was named as one of three alternates on the Olympic team Sunday night.

"It's just crazy to think that she was here with us and now she's going to London," said Caitlin Brangle, Sarah's old teammate.

"She looks at nothing like she can't do it and everything like she can and I think that that's - besides talent and hard work - I think that's the reason why she's where she's at," explained Wendy Garner, who didn't get to coach her but certainly knew Sarah well.

Sarah trained there for five years before moving on to an Olympic program in Kansas City, but not before leaving behind quite a legacy at her old gym.

"I mean, maybe we could do like her, be like her," said eight-year-old Megan Missey, who works out at the gym.

"For them to see someone who was once in their shoes in this gym and now be going to the Olympics, is just, it almost gives me chills to know what that must make them feel like, I can do this," Garner added.

And it all proves that you just have to start somewhere.

So, 15-year-old Sarah will be headed to London in just a few short weeks. She'll be acting as one of three alternates, so she won't compete unless someone gets injured. Of course, though, if Sarah wants to, she can always try again, in four years.

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