Eureka, Mo (KSDK) -- The Mr. Freeze roller coaster froze at Six Flags St. Louis while passengers were on it.

The ride did not get enough power when it shot out of the gate, according to Six Flags spokesperson Elizabeth Gotway. She said it could have been caused by a power surge.

The roller coaster made it to the top and stalled on the return in a valley, or low spot on the ride. Gotway said the ride is designed to stall in that manner so passengers can be safely unloaded.

It took 17 minutes to remove all the passengers from the ride.

The Mr. Freeze roller coaster is back up and running properly. Gotway said it was not uncommon and there was no safety hazard.

Six Flags St. Louis released the following statement to NewsChannel 5:
"Due to a brief power interruption earlier today, Mr. Freeze: Reverse Blast stopped in a low point of the ride, as it is designed to do as part of its internal safety systems. All guests were safely unloaded, and after standard safety checks by park staff, the ride will re-open."

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