By Mike Rush

St. Louis (KSDK) - Lately5 on Your Side has been hearing from a number of viewers complaining about inadequate air conditioning in rental properties. More than one have come from the Bridgeport Crossing Apartments in Bridgeton.

Residents say management isn't stepping up. Here's how they responded when Mike Rush came knocking.

Manager: "My name is Sharon Waters, I'm the property manager."

Rush: "Okay, so Sharon, being the manager..." The door then slammed.

More on what happened leading up to this in a moment, but first to shed light on the problem, we'll take you to the darkness of Ashley Harl's apartment.

"I try not to turn my lights on at all just to keep the heat down," said Harl.

She made an exception and turned on a light to talk to 5 on Your Side. Since about May Ashley says her apartment temperature is often in the 80s.

On this day the thermostat read 82, even though it's set to 70.

"I have two kids. I have a 3-year-old and a 3-month-old and I don't think it's healthy for them or me in this heat," said Harl.

She has called the management office numerous times, and they have come out, but still no fix.

"I think it's bull. I mean, no matter what, we're paying rent. They're quick to take our money but they don't want to fix our problems," said Harl.

Her neighbor, Jennifer Mills, got some relief Thursday. She thinks it's only because of a message she left with the corporate office.

"Look, you guys are going to kill me," she told them.

Mills is recovering from a double mastectomy and it's not going well.

"My doctor looks at me and says I don't know how you keep getting infected. And I tell him I'm in the heat all day. He says no wonder," said Mills.

When the management office didn't return 5 on Your Side's Mike Rush's phone call, he headed over and got a chilly reception regarding the heat problem.

Manager: "You interrupted our staff meeting. If you have any questions or comments or anything, you need to contact our corporate office. That's the contact number and the person you need to contact."

Rush: "I'll call them but just while we're here with you."

Manager: "Excuse me, you're interrupting a staff meeting."

Rush: "Can I ask you a few questions about the air conditioning?"

Manager: "No, sir. Contact our corporate office."

Rush: "But the problem is is that we've gotten several phone calls from people in your very complex saying that they have inadequate air."

Manager: "And I think that we're in an unprecedented heat and we're doing the best that we can. If you have any questions they or you may contact our corporate office at the number provided."

Rush: "Why are you not able to answer any questions?"

Manager: "Because I'm in a staff meeting and I need to address the situations that we're dealing with at this time. Thank you for your time."

Rush: "Are you the manager of this complex?"

Manager: "Yes, sir. I'm the manager. My name is Sharon Waters, I'm the property manager."

Rush: "Okay, so Sharon,"

Manager: "Thank you"

Rush: "Being the manager,"

And Waters then slammed the door.

5 on Your Side called the contact at the corporate office. He did not call back.

We'll let you know how this plays out.

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