By Heidi Glaus

St. Louis (KSDK) - Much like an Olympian, ballet dancers are typically driven and dedicated. And the artistic director of St. Louis Ballet is definitely both.

"I went to New York when I was 15-years-old," said Gen Horiuchi.

He went to The School of American Ballet, joined New York City Ballet, danced in Cats on Broadway and was handpicked by a Japanese producer to choreograph the opening ceremonies of the 1998 Winter Olympic Games.

"I choreographed a section in New York and another section in Japan then put it together," he said.

The music was already chosen for him, but other than he had freedom to create.

"What's great about dance is you don't need to speak the same language," Horiuchi added.

He and his dancers worked on it for about three months and the final product even amazed the man behind it, not necessarily for the way it all came together, but rather how the world did.

"It's the entire world just in one kind of like place. That moment, it just felt, it's absolutely incredible," Horiuchi said.

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