By Heidi Glaus

St. Louis (KSDK) - The walls of Dr. David Fitzmaurice's office are lined with more than a few famous thank yous. He's helped ease the pain of Hall of Famers and Olympians.

"So I've kind of been around the block," Fitzmaurice said.

He's still busy with patients, but throughout his career he always wanted to design a device he could put in the hands of athletes that would improve performance.

"Athletes are always looking for a competitive edge in how to handle pain and dysfunction," Fitzmaurice added.

So about four years ago he created the Muscletrac.

"The design of this is to quickly navigate the length of a muscle. And when I go over a trigger point or tightness or soreness it's going to feel like a little speed bump and what I do then is go in and penetrate it," he explained. "Also I'm creating a little bit of disruption of the tissue and by doing that I'm increasing blood flow to the muscle."

Trainers rolled with it and started using it with their college and pro teams.

"Kind of the proof is in the pudding and word spread that way," Fitzmaurice said.

And right now it's with several athletes in London.

"Yeah, it's in London we've got it with U.S. Cycling. We've got it in track and field," Fitzmaurice said.

And just think, it is made right here in St. Louis.

You can find the Muscletrac in Fleet Feet stores and on the Muscletrac website.

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