Eureka, MO (KSDK) - Residents in Eureka are cleaning up after strong storms knocked down trees and power lines in the Shaw's Garden neighborhood off Highway 109, before dawn Saturday morning.

No injurieshave beenreported, but several people have reported damage to homes and cars in the area. Police Chief Michael Wiegand said the damage was pretty well restricted to the Shaw's Garden Subdivision.

"As you can see as you were driving around," said Wiegand, "there's a lot of trees down, 1-2houses damaged;4-5 cars damaged, nobody hurt."

Wiegand added there's a power outage. "A lot of power out and it's very sporadic," said Wiegand. "Ameren-UE tells us 24 hours to bring power all back on the grid."

Caryn Patterson said decades-old trees were knocked over in her back yard.

"Maybe about a foot away from our house," said Patterson. "Well it hit the house, but it didn't come crashing on our heads."

Those trees did land on her neighbor's property, at the home of John Kurz.

Kurz said he slept through it.

"These trees behind us are 40-50 feet tall and 3 foot in diameter, and pretty good size," said Kurz. The trees did damagevehicles parked in Kurz's driveway.

"A little bit. Mostly on the garage. There'sdamage to the garage."

Volunteer Mike Bagwell operated a chainsaw in Patterson's back yard. He's a volunteer with Southern Baptist Convention Disaster Relief.

"Strictly volunteer," said Bagwell. "All volunteers pay their way to get here and come out to help where they can. We've been at this one for most of the day.Wedid another one earlier and got a couple more going on down the street."

Patterson said shestarted crying when the Baptist volunteers showed up Saturday morning.

"Becausewe were trying to figure out how we were going to get these two trees off of my house," she said.

Patterson commented on what this tree removal would have cost her.

"One-hundred dollars an hour, at least,for labor."

Chief Wiegand said he called the National Weather Service at 8 a.m. Saturday and they told him what weather system moved through here.

"They said it was a microburst that came through here," said Wiegand. "Took some telephone poles and snapped them like toothpicks."

A Disaster Action Teamwith the American Red Cross is out in the neighborhoodproviding assistance to residents affected by the storm.

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