By Mike Rush

St. Louis (KSDK) - A St. Louis woman believes her deceased uncle finally has the respect he deserves, with some help from 5 on Your Side.

Dawn Bess finally got the headstone she paid for months ago.

The day after our 5 on Your Side report aired, Rich Schaefer with Schaefer Monument, lived up to his word and installed the headstone for Michael Bess.

Bess died in December, and his niece, Dawn, paid Schaefer $700 at the time for the headstone.

But eight months later the headstone was still not there.

Dawn told 5 on Your Side's Mike Rush she couldn't get a straight answer from the monument company about the status of the headstone and when it would be installed.

Rush visited Schaefer, who admitted he had not started on it. He said illness and increased business put him behind, but he promised he would right this wrong.

After seeing the newly placed headstone, Bess said, "It's been a little bit of a stressor for me with trying to work and go to school and deal with this and it was frustrating and it's a big relief."

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