Belleville, IL (KSDK) - This week's sentencing for the man whoadmitted hisguilt by reason of mental illness in the 2009 shooting death of a Metro East policeofficial has been delayed until October.

Lemuel Houston, 25, of Cahokia, is expected to be given a life prison term without the possibility of parole when he is formally sentenced for the crime October 30th.

Houston entered the 'guilty but mentally ill' plea July 13th before Judge John Baricevic, meaning that at the time of the offense, Houston was suffering from mental illness. However, the court has ruled the defendant is not legally insane and is still responsible for his conduct in committing the crime of murder.

Houston admitted fatally shooting Police Lieutenant Gregory Jonas outside the Ernest Smith Apartments in the 4700 block of Tudor Avenue on June 2, 2009.

Investigators say Houston fired the fatal shots because he was frightened of being caught with a gun.

Jonas served as an officer with the Centreville Department for more than 15 years as well as an eight year stint with the Alorton Police Department.

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