By Art Holliday

Webster Groves, MO (KSDK) - A Webster Groves man is a one-man crime fighter.

While he says he's not a vigilante, he did hold three car break-in suspects at gunpoint until police arrived.

Retiree Jim Tillay says he wasn't going to put up with crime in his neighborhood.

"Just in these five houses we've had tools stolen. We've had windows broken on cars and stuff taken out of them. And then down this way we've had four tires sliced," said Tillay.

An that's why around 2 a.m. Friday morning he took action when he saw four men breaking into cars on Elm Drive in Webster Groves.

"Three guys come down the street up there, and another guy cut through right here and I noticed her dropped something right here in my front yard. And it looked just like my checkbook and I went out and grabbed it and it was and I knew they had been in my vehicle," he said.

Tillay called 911, grabbed his gun, and hid behind a tree.

"When they came down again I came around the tree with the gun and I said don't move," he said.

One of the men ran.

"And he was the one who had my binoculars. A $200 pair. That made me mad," said Tillay.

Police arrived several minutes later and took the other three into custody.

Tilley says Webster Groves police told him they don't condone what he did.

He says he agrees that the best thing to do is call the police. But he also says if he hadn't taken action, the suspects would have gotten away.

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