St. Louis, MO (KSDK) - St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay is supporting a proposal to track the resale of used cell phones to prevent thieves from profiting from their crime.

The legislation was drawn up by the City Counselor's Office, the License Collector, and St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, according to Mayor Slay's office.

The legislation would require businesses that buy and resell cell phones to obtain a second-hand dealers license from the City of St. Louis. When those resellers buy a used phone from someone, they will have to do four things:

1. Take and keep a photo of the person selling the phone
2. Record the phone's unique ID number
3. Take a thumbprint of the person selling the phone
4. Record information of the seller, including name, address and a copy of their driver's license

All of that information will be entered into the LEADS database, allowing law enforcement to track the sale of items that are regularly stolen (such as cell phones) and not only recover those goods, but find the person who sold the stolen goods to begin with and facilitate possible law enforcement action.

Resellers who break this law would be subject to a $500 fine.

Alderman Craig Schmid (20th Ward) proposed the bill, alongside Mayor Slay.

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