By Grant Bissell

Des Peres, Mo(KSDK) - Some residents in a Des Peres neighborhood are upset over a plan by the Metropolitan Sewer District to change Two Mile Creek.

Some people living along the creek say they've seen major erosion problems caused by the flowing water. Neighbor Terry Hosutt, who lives in the Harwood neighborhood,gave NewsChannel 5 video that shows the creek eating away at her back yard.

To curb erosion, the city of Des Peres built a cinder block wall more than 20 years ago. But over the years, the blocks have become clogged and are now holding water. That water has become a breeding ground for mosquitoes.Neighbors are concerned those mosquitoes could carry West Nile Virus.

Now MSD wants to build more cinder block walls along the creek. Spokesman Lance LeComb says the proposed wall will be made of different materials that will allow water to drain.

"As we understand it the previous construction had the drainage holes in the bottom of the blocks," said LaComb. "What we're proposing is a totally different solution where the drainage is in the back of the block. Then that drains into rock fill and other drainage that we have behind the wall."

LeComb also saidMSD hasgotten no reports of mosquitoes carryingWest Nile Virus near the current walls.

People in favor of the new wall say it's the only thing that will stop the creek from destroying their property. But neighbors against the wall say the plan will destroy a precious natural resource and create a public health hazard.

MSD says there will be another meeting about the plan in October.

After our story aired, neighbors told NewsChannel 5 the reason there had been no mosquitoes found carryingWest Nile Virus was because tests hadn't been done in the area this year.

But a St. Louis County Helath Departmentspokesperson saysWest Nile tests were done in the neighborhood in June, July, August and September of 2012. None of those tests were positive for West Nile Virus.

Health Department records show a positive West Nile test in September 2011 and August 2009. But the spokesperson said those tests were done two miles from the Harwood neighborhood retaining wall and mosquitoes only travel in a one-mile radius.

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