Pacific (KSDK) --Preservation of what was one of the most talked about parade floats was among students' top priorities late Saturday morning. But preservation of Pacific High School's reputation was actually number one.

"It made Pacific look terrible and it gave us a really bad name," said Katie Warden, who is a junior.

"I mean, it woke us up," explained Katie's classmate,Nichole Froning. "It's like, don't even get anywhere close to bullying."

The situation started last Sunday, when Rickie Tanner took to facebook to sound off about a prank against his15-year-old, saying his socially challenged daughter was elected to homecoming court so students could make fun of, what he called, her only friend - a duck - by quacking and throwing eggs at the sophomore during the parade.

"I shutter to think if we would've stayed out of it and let things run their course," he said Monday.

"Some of the things they said were a little exaggerated," Froning went on to say about Tanner's comments. "The girl has friends, she has a boyfriend. She's not like a complete loner like they were saying."

Froning said the girl wasn't even being targeted. In fact, she explained it was a joke on the sophomore boy who was voted to ride beside the girl.

"The people in the band who nominated her to be on the list, it was mainly, like, let's get the most popular guy to get paired up with her," said Warden of thequiet classmate, who road the float Saturday withthe male runner-up.

NewsChannel 5 wastold that "most popular guy" stepped down when he heard what happened, and the three boys responsible for the incident turned themselves in, each getting a 10-day in-school suspension.

"They both looked really happy. She was really pretty," added Warden. "I think it showed how strong she was and that she isn't gonna let this get to her."

Both girls agreed she was fierce, like that wrapped-up dragon float, driving home for her classmates quite the life lesson.

The girls wouldn't give many details but they said salons in the area have stepped up and are rallying behind a student effort to give the 15-year-old the homecoming dance she deserves next Saturday. They just want to keepit a secret until then.

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