Brooklyn, IL (KSDK) - A St. Louis man who was arrested late Saturday for possession of a loaded gun following a traffic stop in Brooklyn, Illinois remains at large this morning after escaping custody.

The missing prisoner has not been identified by name and police say they will be applying for warrants this morning charging the man with felony possession of a weapon and escape from custody.

A Brooklyn officer took the man into custody after stopping the man for a traffic violation. While questioning the man, the officer learned the man did not have a valid driver's license and no insurance.

The officer placed the driver under arrest and then found the loaded nine millimeter handgun in the man's waistband.

After arriving at the Brooklyn jail, the officer placed the suspect on a bench in a holding area and used handcuffs to secure the prisoner to the bench.

The prisoner then managed to squeeze his hands out of the handcuffs, then kicked a door down to gain freedom.

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