St. Louis, MO (KSDK) - Year three of Pedal the Cause is in the books. More than 1,800 riders raised almost two million dollars over the weekend, and the donations just keep coming.

"I'm riding for my daughter Victoria Drier," says David Drier. "She's 22. At age 16 she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. She's been fighting it ever since."

"My wife passed away in december from lung cancer. She was diagnosed in December 2010. And she lived for a year and fought for a year," says former St. Louis Ram Chris Draft. "at our wedding last November, we launched an initiative 'Team Draft' to fight against lung cancer."

The riders say pedaling through the chilly morning was the least they could do, especially since all the money they donated and raised stays in St. Louis for research at Siteman Cancer Center and the St. Louis Children's Hospital.

"I'm actually a benefit from last year's fundraiser," Mike Muckler tells us. "I'm going through a clinical trial which is from last year's money."

He was diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer in 2010. He says it was inoperable, but his doctor at Siteman worked wonders.

"A year later after I was diagnosed, I got to walk my daughter down the aisle. She got married. And through his miracles, I guess you could call it, I'm still here."

Not everyone rode. Some spun in place. And many helped wherever they could, like Kathy Woodard and her sister Terry Warren.

"My daughter Christine had lymphoma. She rode in this last year. But February 18, she passed on with a rare type of the lymphoma," Woodard says.

"She was our Athena warrior. She ran to the very end," Warren adds.

They, along with everyone who pedaled the cause this weekend know that raising money is key to finding a cure.

"There is no cure for what she has right now. So if you can find a cure....all the money in the world being thrown at it, if they can find a cure, awesome," says Drier.

Fundraising continues through the end of the month. To find out how you can still help, look in the Don't Miss section of

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