By Elizabeth Matthews

St. Louis, MO (KSDK) - In a leap of faith on Sunday, 43-year-old Austrian Felix Baumgartner fell from a capsule at the edge of space. Preliminary reports show that Baumgartner is physically fine.

St. Louis College of Pharmacy Physics professor Richard McCall says he guessed Baumgartner would be okay.

"I just really didn't expect there to be much of a problem, because the human body it doesn't really matter how fast someone is going," said McCall. "The main problem is goes whenever you accelerate quickly or decelerate quickly."

So, falling 833.9 miles per hour is not costly to our health and McCall says breaking the sound barrier also does not harm the body.

The health issues come at high rates of acceleration causing the pressure to change and McCall says hurting your blood pressure.

"I kind of expected him to tumble a little bit," he said when Baumgartner fell from the capsule. "He could have had a blood rushing to his head perhaps causing him to black out."

The experienced skydiver did spin for a few seconds, but he knew how to straighten himself out and quickly.

McCall says the worst scenario in Sunday's fall would have been the suit malfunctioning. In the end he admits the scientific stunt was a spectacle to see.

"The best part though was when he left the capsule that he was in he just he didn't really jump he just kind of leaned over and started falling," said McCall.

McCall is the author of Physics of the Human Body and is a professor at the St. Louis College of Pharmacy.

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