By Heidi Glaus

St. Louis (KSDK) - Life is what we make of it and Deb Freund has a way of making the lives around her happier. She's probably always had that effect, but in 1996 this adaptive PE teacher decided to do something different for her students.

"I had an idea to start a league where special needs kids could come," Freund explained.

So that summer with the help of a couple of co-workers she formed a t-ball league.

"After t-ball the parents actually came to me and asked would you please do another sport the kids had so much fun is there something else we can do," said Freund.

She added soccer that fall, then basketball and well these days TASK offers more than 10 sports for kids with special needs.

"My favorite thing about TASK is kickball and bowling and soccer and basketball," one kid said.

Not all activities get rave revues, Grace Quinn apparently isn't a fan of zumba, but the results do get two thumbs up from family members.

"Everyone always talks about how cheerful and fun Grace is to be around and TASK has really helped bring that out of her," said Rebecca Quinn, Grace's sister.

Obviously TASK isn't just about playing soccer or any sport for that matter.

"It gives them a reason to be normal. It's to give them a purpose, everybody wants a purpose in life," Freund said.

Deb Friend certainly found hers.

To learn more about the TASK St. Louis Rock 'n' Roll Marathon and 1/2 Marathon check out their website.